Message on Masonic Charity

My Brothers: Charity and Relief are at the heart of our Masonic obligations and order. We are charged not only to practice this in our Lodges, but also in our individual actions. It has been commonly stated that Freemasons in the United States provide $2 million to charity — every day. In New York, this work is visible through donations to the Masonic Brotherhood Fund, empowering the Masonic Care Community to continue to care for our infirmed Brothers and widows as well as preserve historic landmarks, like George Washington’s Headquarters at the Dewint House in Tappan, NY. Masonic donations advance breakthrough research into life-saving medical discoveries at the Masonic Medical Research Institute (MMRI). In our districts and communities, Brothers unite to volunteer at Masonic Toys for Tots, attend fundraising galas, set aside time to serve, assist and feed those in need, and donate the gift of life at blood drives. Yet, most of these wonderful endeavors go unnoticed and the opportunity to spread good ideas to other parts of our Grand Jurisdiction are under-reported. I want to change that. I want us to celebrate your good work to inspire our fellow Masons and inspire our communities. As such, I am requesting that at the completion of every charitable event, that an email with a short summary (400-500 words) of the charity work performed along with a photo (mobile phone quality smaller than 2-5 GB per image) be emailed to our Grand Lodge Charities Committee Chairman, RW Lorenzo Cesare at: Your report will be featured in the new The Empire State Mason Charities Section, and with New York Freemasons around the world. For those Brothers, Lodges and Districts looking to engage in charitable work, but don’t know where to begin, please email Bro. Lorenzo and a Committee Member will reach out to you to provide a number of pre-planned programs available through your Grand Lodge. My Brothers, let us show the world that “We Are Our Brothers’ Keeper” is not a bumper sticker, but how New York Masons live their lives. With Kind Fraternal Love, MW Steven Adam Rubin Grand Master