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Grand Lecturer

Right Worshipful
Richard C. Friedman

A letter from the Grand Lecturer


Dear Brother Masons of the State of New York,

As Grand Lecturer, I speak for all of the Assistant Grand Lecturers in New York State in welcoming you to our page. It is your Assistant Grand Lecturer (AGL) who will be doing the critical work of ensuring that our beautiful work is preserved, cherished, done with skill and passion, and understood by our brethren. The Ritual of Freemasonry is the root of all things Masonic. It outlines our way of life; it is the fountain from which all else comes—the historical, the philosophical, the esoteric, and the practical application of the Craft all begins with the Ritual.

Masons like to proclaim that we “make good men better.” Have you ever asked yourself, “How?” We make good men better by insisting on adherence to the beautiful way of life outlined in the meaning of the Ritual. Without it, the heart and soul of Freemasonry vanishes in the air. WE are all the keepers of the flame!

It is through the exemplification of the Ritual in our daily lives that attracts men to the Craft, and the lessons therein contained, when taught well, keeps them Masons for life.

So that you may better understand what an AGL is, please take a moment and read the mission statement and the credo below.

Assistant Grand Lecturer Mission Statement

Provide training, education, assistance, and motivation to the officers and brethren of the lodges in your district in order to optimize the learning of the standard work and lectures.

The Credo of an Assistant Grand Lecturer

As an Assistant Grand Lecturer, I will strive to ensure that:

I will present myself as confident, credible, diplomatic, and have a passion for teaching the Ritual.

I will teach the brethren in my district that the standard work and lectures are of vital importance to the Craft and should always be done with excellence.

I will take pride in the way Ritual is delivered in my district and motivate lodges and individuals to share that pride.

I will act in a professional manner in my appearance and in the respect that I will insist on for the Ritual of our Craft.

I will maintain the attitude that learning and performing the Ritual should be fun but not funny.

I will strive to help, aid, and assist any Brother in becoming a better Ritualist.

I will always treat my Brothers with respect and brotherly love even when their Ritual work needs improvement.

I will maintain decorum at all times when discussing and teaching the Ritual.

I will strive to teach the meaning of the Ritual as well as the actual words therein contained

Bringing our Ritual Work to Life

Through our efforts in motivating, coaching, inculcating enthusiasm, and creating pride in our Ritual work we must RAISE THE BAR. Excuses be gone. It is time to get back to the fundamentals of pride in our work and accepting challenges like men by answering the Craft’s call to self-improvement.

I want every degree process in the state to end with the Hiramic Legend. We will lead the way to showing how it is done. I do not believe you have completed your degrees without witnessing the Drama.

Sharp angles, sharp dress, sharp and accurate modes of recognition, accuracy, and meaning combined—these are the standards we must strive for.

Every workman should leave every quarry satisfied that he has given his all in his labor out of respect and love for the Craft. Plain and simple.

We are on a serious journey together with a serious mission: to make sure the most fundamental form of Masonic education, the Ritual, is done with maximum effort and skill.


Right Worshipful Richard C. Friedman

RW Richard C Friedman

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