We are a worldwide fraternity of upstanding men.

As New York Masons, we bring men of integrity together in brotherhood. Our common bond is the shared belief that every man can–and should–step into his best self and make a difference in the lives of others.

Living the life of a Freemason.


Freemasonry is knowing that a million Brothers have your back. It’s the power of a new sense of purpose. It’s a path of self-discovery. It’s sharing beliefs that make good men better sons, husbands, and fathers. And it’s keeping pace with the giants that walked before us. In short, it’s a way of life.

Our Mission:

Turn upstanding men into outstanding citizens through the disciplined practice of Masonic principles and virtues.

Membership Requirements:

  • Be a man age 18 or older
  • Have faith in a Supreme Being
  • Believe in the immortality of the soul
  • Live an ethical life
  • Have a strong desire to join our fraternity, serve the community, and participate in Masonic activities

As New York Masons, we believe in:


Masons demonstrate good judgment.


Masons exercise control over their actions and desires.


Masons exhibit strength in the face of adversity.


Masons practice fairness in all dealings and respect for the laws of our land.

In our Brothers’ words:

New York Masons are men of diverse backgrounds, various faiths, and a strong commitment to the core values of Freemasonry. Together, we represent a centuries-old fraternity of dignified, personable, and confident men. Here’s what some of our Brothers are saying about the effect Masonry has had on their life.

I couldn’t imagine my life without Freemasonry and the disciplinary practice of its principles. There is a subtle joy in interpreting life through the signs, symbols, and allegories of Masonry, and an immense satisfaction that I share this unique experience with men from all over the world.


Earnest H., Jr.

Training & Development Strategist

Freemasonry found me at a time in my life when I needed its lessons the most. Masonry saved my life—it led me in a direction toward pride and purpose.


Dan D.

Financial Advisor

Freemasonry will always be part of my personal and professional life. The fraternity’s virtues remind me to hold myself to a higher standard. When I speak, I speak on behalf of myself and the fraternity as a whole. In this way, I ensure the good-standing reputation of myself and my brotherhood.


Michael H.

State Senate Aide 

As a Mason, I am proud to join others in upholding the cardinal principles and moral standards of life.


Clayton W.

Financial Advisor

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