James Sketchley’s Coin

Antique artifact of James Sketchley's Coin.

This coin, known as the Sketchley Masonic 1/2 penny, was struck in 1794 by Brother James Sketchley. It commemorates the Prince of Wales, King George IV, being elected as Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of England (Moderns) on November 24, 1790. King George IV served as Grand Master for 23 years, from 1790 to 1813.

Along the edge of the coin is engraved “…le In Lancaster London or Bristol” (the first word believed to be Payable). Due to the shortage of silver and copper coins in the late 1700s, tokens were produced by almost every town in Britain to be used instead of coins at the token production company’s shops or offices.

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Note: Image and research by Catherine M. Walter, Curator