Hold yourself to the highest standard.

As New York Masons, we take pride in representing ourselves with clarity, conviction, and consistency. With access to our brand standards, web style guide, downloadable assets, and social media policy, you will be able to communicate on behalf of our brotherhood with confidence.

Brand Standards

The Grand Lodge of New York represents a long legacy of brotherly love, relief, and truth. In order to uphold the respect and reputation of our fraternity, we have established a specific set of brand standards, including brand messaging and logo guidelines. If you are speaking, writing, or otherwise acting on behalf of the Grand Lodge of New York, we urge you to first consult this document.

Web Style Guide

Our web style guide includes brand colors, typography, logos, wordmarks, seals, and other carefully crafted design elements for specific use in any web content shared on behalf of the Grand Lodge of New York. If you are publishing content for our fraternity, please adhere to this style guide.

Download Brand Assets

Once you have carefully read or reviewed the brand standards and web style guide, you are invited to contact us to access New York Mason wordmarks, brandmarks, lockups, and seals for official use.

Select the assets you would like access to:


Primary Wordmark—Color, Dark Colorway

Primary Wordmark—Color, Light Colorway


Large Brandmark—Dark, Copper

Large Brandmark—Light, Copper

Large Brandmark—Dark, Navy

Large Brandmark—Light, Gray

Small Brandmark—Dark, Copper

Small Brandmark—Light, Copper

Small Brandmark—Dark, Navy

Small Brandmark—Light, Gray

Combination Lockups

Horizontal Lockup—Dark Colorway

Horizontal Lockup—Light Colorway


Dark Colorway—Navy

Dark Colorway—Copper

Light Colorway—Copper

Light Colorway—Gray

Social Media Policy

As Freemasons and free Americans, we stand by every person’s constitutional, statutory, civil, and social right to speak freely. With respect to these rights, our social media policy puts into place guidelines that, as Master Masons, we all must follow in order to protect our Grand Lodge, all lodges within our jurisdiction, and our Craft. 

Remember, we are always Master Masons. That means we bear an extra special responsibility while discussing Freemasonry on social media sites. Your individual posts are a reflection of our entire fraternity, which must be represented in the most positive light. Be mindful that your image and comments can be viewed by your colleagues, co-workers, employers—not to mention your lodge Brothers and their families. 

Before making a social media statement, please adhere to the guidelines set forth in our social media policy.