The Masonic Youth Committee is now accepting essays for the 2021-2022 Frank M. Totton Essay Contest sponsored by the Fifth Manhattan Masonic District Endowment Fund, Inc.. The deadline is January 17, 2022. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your essay. Att: Secretaries, Lodges are allowed more than one entry! Essays may be entered online on this page. Lodge seals on forms are no longer necessary.

“The Importance of a Good Coach or Teacher”

Please note:

  • The contest is open to all high school seniors who are sons, daughters and grandchildren or a member of the extended family of a Master Mason in the State of New York and who anticipate entering an accredited college in the fall of 2022.
  • A deceased Brother’s family is qualified if in good standing at time of death.
  • Lodges are allowed more than one entry.

Check List / Rules

  1. At least 200 words, no more than 350 words
  2. No name may appear at the front of the essay
  3. Double-space on one page; Font size must be 11 or 12
  4. Must be received no later than January 17, 2022

Totton Essay Contest Prizes

  • 1st –$1,500
  • 2nd -$1,000
  • 3rd -$750
  • 4th -$500
  • 5th -$350
  • 6th -$250
  • 7th to 10th -$100

Each essay received is given a number in the order that it is received that number and only that number is associated with that essay. The essays are then judged by the members of the committee. Only the Committee Chairman knows which number corresponds to which essay. 



If you have any problems or concerns with using this form, please contact Cary Cohn at 516-781-1157.

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