Dear Brothers of New York,

The devastation is incredible! The massive flooding on the entire Gulf Coast of Texas due to Hurricane Harvey is beyond words. It has damaged and destroyed many homes and buildings, with hundreds of thousands citizens displaced. What a tragedy!

The Grand Lodge of Texas has requested financial help to assist the Brothers and families who have been injured or received extensive damage to their homes from Hurricane Harvey.

The Grand Lodge of New York has already contributed Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) to the Grand Lodge of Texas via the MSA to assist them during this great State of Emergency. Over the next few weeks we are encouraging all Brethren and Lodges to consider making an additional 501 (c) 3 qualified charitable donation to the “Masonic Brotherhood Fund” annotated “Disaster Relief” in order to provide additional relief to our Brothers and Sisters. We understand that the State of Louisiana will soon be affected as well!

For your ease and convenience, we have created a special button on the main page of our Grand Lodge Website. Please select “Disaster Relief” from the charities on the donation page (line 11). You may also mail your donation directly to our Grand Lodge Office at the address listed above.

My Brothers, it is important to remember the wonderful outpouring of Masonic Relief sent to New York Masons during and after Hurricane Sandy. As New York Freemasons, we can do no less than to reciprocate in like manner.

My Brothers, I am so proud and astonished by the everyday generosity exhibited by the Brothers of New York. I am now asking you to join me in helping a sister jurisdiction as it deals with this serious natural disaster. Let us together pray that the Great Architect of the Universe watch over and protect the Brethren and citizens of Texas in their time of need.

With kindest fraternal regards,

Jeffrey M. Williamson
Grand Master