My Brothers,

Spring is now Officially upon us, the time is now measured in Daylight Saving Time, and we are rapidly approaching the Easter/Passover season, with all the joy and family celebrations that comes along. We all celebrate the end of Winter, and the resurgence of plant life, fresh starts for all, and holidays for everyone.

This year, Passover is what we call a bit “late” coming in middle April, so let me be one of the first to wish our Jewish brothers and their families a “Zissen Pesach” (that’s Happy Passover) and a Blessed Easter for all our Christian Brethren and their families.

All that being said, my wife Lady Carla, Deputy Grand Master R:.W:. Charles Catapano and his Lady Donna, and the entire elected and appointed members of the Grand Line and their ladies are all pleased to join me in wishing you and your families the best of the season.

In addition, let us implore the Great Architect of the Universe to protect the members of our Armed Forces as they are protecting us, wherever in the world they may be serving as well as all our domestic First Responders, and our Brothers and Sisters all over the world. May He keep them safe and out of harm’s way so they can continue their important efforts!

Sincerely and Fraternally,

Jeffrey M. Williamson
Grand Master