In one day, you can make an indelible impact on New York. In one day, New York Freemasons can help to save the lives of New Yorkers.

New York State is last in the country in percentage of state residents registered as organ donors. This is contributing to a troubling fact; every 18 hours a New Yorker dies waiting for an organ transplant.

You as a Freemason can do something about this. And, it promises to be straightforward, rewarding, and, perhaps even fun.

On October 6th, your Lodge can join LiveOnNY and many others for New York’s first-ever Organ Donor Enrollment Day. This inaugural event is being executed with one goal in mind: enroll as many willing New Yorkers as possible as organ donors in one day.

There are plenty of ways for your Lodge to get involved in this historic life-saving day. Click HERE to learn more, and join us in making a difference for New Yorkers and New York.

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