Dear Friends and Brothers,

Once again I am shouting out about Organ Transplants. There is a great misconception about the whole process etc. Cancer is everywhere, you hear about it every day in the news media or become aware of a friend or family member who has some form of cancer. Chemotherapy and medicines suited for any particular case very often solve the problem.

HOWEVER, sadly, sometimes these solutions do not work. An organ transplant is the last resort for far too many people who are already suffering. in New York State today, this minute, There are 1100 folks who need a liver transplant or they will die, There are nearly 8000 people who need a kidney, today! One out of 4 people who need a transplant, die before they may receive a viable organ. Nationwide, most patients need to wait 1-2 years. BUT in New York State, most patients wait 3-5 years due to the lack of availability of an organ. NYS ranks last in the nation in percent of residents registered as organ donors.

If you want to help to rectify this situation, please contact me. Save a Life! All a person needs to do is fill out the form, scan and send to me at and I will take care of the rest.

Click HERE for printable donation form.