MW Jeffrey M. Williamson had the honor of presenting a $100,000.00 check to MW Simon LaPlace, PGM (CT) Executive Secretary of the Masonic Service Association of North America. This check encompassed the incredible outpouring of donations given by individual Masons, Lodges and Districts within the Grand Lodge of the State of New York for disaster relief in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico.

This amount combines with New York’s previous donation, which now totals $135,000.00 with more contributions still flowing into our office! Grand Master Williamson stated that the Brethren of New York remember the generosity the world-wide Masonic community provided when we confronted Hurricane Sandy and New York Masons are truly grateful to have the opportunity to help those Brother Masons and their families who are in similar desperate circumstances.

Grand Master LaPlace also commented that the Grand Lodge of New York’s donation has taken the combined Disaster Relief efforts to over Two Million Dollars!