My Brothers,

Memorial Day is the time to reflect on those who have lost their lives in the military. Typically we think of our military members in fields of combat. Covid-19 has added a new level of combat. While all are thankful to our frontline workers, we know this virus has pushed their capacity to the limit. I watched closely as our military was mobilized to provide support from building medical facilities to medical care. Covid-19 has taken some of our fellow members of the military. And the combat continues.

Celebrating Memorial Day will have a different feeling this year. But we never forget those who gave us the privileges we have today.

Flag Day is coming in June, the 4th of July is not far away. Let these days remind us what it means to be an American. As Americans we have always stood together. As Americans we always will.

On behalf of myself, Nancy, our Deputy Grand Master R∴W∴ Richard J. Kessler and Joanne, and the entire elected and appointed members of the Grand Line and their ladies, your local District Deputies, Staff Officers, Assistant Grand Lecturers and their ladies, as well as the Worshipful Masters and officers of each lodge in our jurisdiction, we wish you the best today and always.

In addition, let us implore the Great Architect of the Universe to protect the members of our Armed Forces as they protect us, wherever in the world they may be serving. Give strength to our domestic First Responders, and our Brothers and Sisters all over the world. May He keep them safe and out of harm’s way so they can continue their important efforts and bring them home safely to their families and friends!

Sincerely and Fraternally,


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