My Brothers,

As it always comes this time of year, the weather is now moderate and we are all getting out again. We are coming to a very important and happy time of the year. In addition to Memorial Day, which we will celebrate on May 29th this year, we will soon be celebrating Flag Day on June 14th, and then one of our most cherished day, Independence Day on July 4th.

Let these days all remind us what it means to be an American and live in this wonderful country, and to remember all those who gave so much to keep these liberties among us.

We have also completed our Annual Grand Lodge Convention and I thank all the delegates who attended and on a personal note, gave me another year to serve our craft as Grand Master.

Again in this season, and on behalf of myself, my lovely lady Carla, our newly elected Deputy Grand Master RW William Sardone, and his charming lady Nancy, and the entire elected and appointed members of the Grand Line and their ladies, and all the District Deputies and Staff Officers and their ladies, let me wish all of you a wonderful season and a grand summer season.

As always, let us implore the Great Architect of the Universe protect the members of our Armed Forces, and our brave Police, Firefighters, and other First Responders as they are protecting us, wherever in the country and around world they may be serving, and bring them back home to their families and friends healthy and safely!

Sincerely and fraternally,

Jeffrey M. Williamson
Grand Master