Lewis Jewel

Lewis JewelThe Grand Master has approved the Lewis Jewel to be worn by members of the Grand Lodge of New York. The Jewel represents a father and son who are both Masons, and may be worn at the discretion of the member for Masonic events. You may purchase the Jewel directly from the vendor, Masonic Supply Shop.


Q. What is a Lewis?
A. A speculative Lewis is the son of a Mason.

Q. What is an operative mason’s Lewis tool?
A. A Lewis is a simple but ingenious device employed by operative Masons to raise heavy blocks of dressed stone into place. It consists of three metal parts: two wedge-shaped side pieces, and a straight center piece, that fit together. A dovetailed recess is cut into the top of the stone block. The two outer pieces are inserted first and then spread by the insertion of the centerpiece. The three parts are then bolted together, a metal ring or shackle is attached and the block is hoisted by hook, rope and pulley. By this means, the block is gripped securely. Once set in its place in the structure, the Lewis is removed leaving the upper surface smooth with no clamp or chains on the outside to interfere with the laying of the next course.

Q. My father-in-law (or step father) is a Mason. Are we eligible?
A. Yes.

Q. My father was not a Mason, but by grandfather was a Mason. Am I eligible?
A. No.

Q. My father is a deceased Mason. Am I eligible?
A. Yes.

Q. I can trace my Masonic pedigree back four direct generations. Do I qualify for four bars?
A. Yes.

Q. May both my father and I both wear the Jewel?
A. Yes.

Q. Who pays for the Jewel?
A. You pay for it.

Q. Is there any paperwork or verification required?
A. No. You took an obligation, and your oath is your verification.

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