Exciting News! In order to provide better communications throughout the State of New York, The Grand Lodge is pleased to announce a new electronic newsletter entitled “Hiram’s Highlights” for your consideration.

This new state-wide bulletin will contain interesting short articles, pictures of installations, and service awards. In addition, it will include general Masonic activities, announcements, apron presentations, cookouts, and fundraisers. This newsletter is open to our entire Masonic Fraternity and is very easy and convenient to subscribe. Simply click the link below and fill out the form and send back to the editor! That’s it!

Brethren, in order to contribute to the newsletter simply attach a picture, a short article and send to newsletter@nymasons.org. Show the Brethren in the State what kind of activities you are doing in your Lodge and District! Show Masonic Pride! We will be sure to get it in the “Hiram’s Highlights”! Our goal is to publish this newsletter at least twice a month. We are also looking for Brothers who are interested in contributing articles on a regular basis. Please contact me if interested!

Don’t be left out in the dark … seek the light-by subscribing to “Hiram’s Highlights” today!

Very truly yours,

William Sardone
Grand Master


Join the List!

You can subscribe by sending an email to newsletter@nymasons.org or filling out the form below requesting to be added, being sure to give your real name and Lodge affiliation, if any.

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