Grand Lecturer Convention

Wayne District

December 11, 2017

The annual Grand Lecturer Convention of the Wayne District was held in the beautiful refurbished Temple in Palmyra. Many structural and esthetic improvements have been made to the former movie theater. I arrived at 5 PM and held a question and answer period with many of the brothers. Afterwards we move to the dining room to feast on a home-cooked ham dinner prepared by the Assistant Grand Lecturer; VW Thomas Krest along with his wife and her good friend. After the ham dinner we proceeded to the lodge room and held the convention.

The convention began with a ritual update and a highlight of the past three years of conventions. I then informed all present that the edict for certification to open and close lodge with only the elected, appointed and installed members of the lodge by memory was still in force. I also explained that the focus on the additional proficiency in open lodge was still expected work. The additional proficiency of the Entered Apprentice Degree was then portrayed.

The work of the evening was the opening and closing of a lodge in the Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft Degree. It was explained that part of the rationale of opening on all three degrees dove tails nicely with the new North Star Project. Brothers proceeding through the lines will be encouraged to expand their depth and breadth of our ritual as opposed to rapidly being moved through the chairs.  This should help produce more informed Brethren and stronger lodges. Our mantra of quality over quantity will have added credibility as we progress in a more measure pace with our new Brethren.

The work of the evening was performed with dedication and meaning. I must compliment the AGL for his outstanding dedication to the Craft. They are strong supporters and promoters in the development of the ritualistic performance of the Brethren in the district. Thanks for your hard work. Your devotion to the Craft is bearing fruit. I have had the privilege of attending four different buildings in my trip to the district. I believe that when possible, all districts should attempt to move the convention around to buildings capable of hosting the event.    Thanks as always go out to my good friend Jeffrey Gagnon; DDGM of the district. He is always prepared and always ready to work.