Grand Lecturer Convention

Columbia, Dutchess, and Greene Ulster Districts

The Magnificent Mid-Hudson District

April 17, 2018

            The inaugural Grand Lecturer for the newly formulated district was held in Red Hook.   The Host Lodge was Hendrick Hudson No. 875 who were also responsible for the degree work.   As usual, the evening began with a beautifully prepared dinner by their in-house chef.

The convention began with a ritual update and a highlight of the past three years of conventions. I informed all that the edict for certification to open and close lodge with only the elected and installed members of the lodge by memory was still in force. I also explained that the focus on the additional proficiency in open lodge was still going to be a focus of this year’s work.   It was also explained that new changeover ritual was also going to be introduced if the amendment to open on any of our degrees passes for a second time.

It was explained that part of the rationale of opening on all three degrees dove tails nicely with the new North Star Project. Brothers proceeding through the lines will be encouraged to expand their depth and breadth of our ritual as opposed to rapidly being moved through the chairs.   This should help produce more informed Brethren and stronger lodges. Our mantra of quality over quantity will have added credibility as we progress in a more measure pace with our new Brethren.

Before the work of the evening began, I was pleased to present Potts Awards to Unity No. 9, Wappingers No. 671, and Adonai No. 718. It was also an honor for me to qualify the same three lodges for qualifying for the Potts Award as this convention. I truly thank them for providing a learning culture that encourages their members to attend the GLC. Their support for the Grand Lecturer is also greatly appreciated.

This was the first event of the newly reformatted district and was a culmination of the leadership of all of the district officers and AGLS. They are planning a gala event in the near future and I feel it will also be an overwhelming success. HATS OFF to all! The total attendance was 111. Top attendance for this year.

Thanks to the entire district, especially to RW Arthur Pritchard, Michael Davis, Cornelius Hegeman, Michael Slattery, Clinton Allen Jr., and David Barkstedt. The AGLS of the district. RW Richard Hawthorne, and VW Kenneth Gibson, William Benson, and Dennis Templeton are also for their outstanding dedication to the District.

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