Grand Lecturer Convention

First & Second Westchester Putnam District

April 18, 2018

           The annual convention of the First and Second Westchester Putnam District was held jointly on April 18. This was a result of the cancellation of the 1st Westchester Putnam GLC due to severe weather conditions that led to prolonged outages of power throughout the counties. The joint Grand Lecturer Convention for at the Tarrytown Masonic Center. Courtland No. 34. There was a wonderful collation previous the convention. The Lodge also covered the opening and closing ceremonies for the convention. I began the afternoon by having a quiet dinner with RW Michael Grenadier; DDGM 2nd Westchester Putnam at our favorite steakhouse.

The convention began with a ritual update and a highlight of the past three years of conventions. I informed all that the edict for certification to open and close lodge with only the elected and installed members of the lodge by memory was still in force. I also explained that the focus on the additional proficiency in open lodge was still going to be a focus of this year’s work. It was also explained that new changeover ritual was also going to be introduced if the amendment to open on any of our degrees passes for a second time.

It was explained that part of the rationale of opening on all three degrees dove tails nicely with the new North Star Project. Brothers proceeding through the lines will be encouraged to expand their depth and breadth of our ritual as opposed to rapidly being moved through the chairs.  This should help produce more informed Brethren and stronger lodges. Our mantra of quality over quantity will have added credibility as we progress in a more measure pace with our new Brethren.

I was pleased to present Boy Scout Award of appreciation to both Kisco No. 708 and Mount Masada-Galaxy for their generous support for the local Boy Scout Troop. Potts Awards were then presented to Courland No. 34 and Dunwoodie No. 863 for last year’s attendance at the GLC.

I want to thank for both districts for working together which resulted in a tremendous GLC. The work of the convention was perform with deep meaning and sincerity. The discussions that ensued were insightful and allowed all in attendance to have a better appreciation for the proposed legislation. RW Randall Chiera, RW Michael Grenadier; DDGM respectfully of the 1st and 2nd districts. Thanks also to RW Mario Sindona, Douglas Adams, and VW James Leech.

In addition I would like to thank RW Nicholas Paolicelli; Junior Grand Warden, RW Peter Flihan; Grand Treasure, and RW Frank Miller; Grand Musician for their support and time . Special thank you RW Miller for adding music to the program.

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