Permanent Dues Cards / Membership Cards

How will it work?

  • The new Permanent Dues cards or Membership Cards are being mailed this week directly to the members.
  • They look like a credit card and have a strip on the back for a signature.
  • They have the Name and Lodge, Grand Lodge Number, and a QR Code.
  • Instructions are in the card mailing and on the card itself.
  • Roughly 31,000 cards are being sent directly to the members, except for those with Bad Addresses (about 1000), Foreign Addresses (250) and the Lebanese cards (600). Additionally, any cards where members have moved in the last 2-3 months will be returned to Grand Lodge. Any newly made Master Masons since late October will be produced in the Office and mailed directly in the next 3 months.
  • The Lodge Secretary still collects the Annual Dues, including the Per Capita Assessment.
  • This is a Dues Card that will be effective for 3-5 years and allow for Title Changes, Lodge Changes, Status Changes.

There’s More!

The Grand Lodge of New York’s official dues cards include advanced technology for sharing the holder’s membership status in real time. The real-time component is provided by Amity, and this document will describe how the new cards can be paired with the Amity app to enable their advanced features.

An Amity account is not required in order to use the real-time capabilities of the Grand Lodge of New York’s dues cards, however it provides additional tools for Brothers that choose to use them. These tools include the ability to

  • Add a picture to your profile
  • Lock your card to prevent scanning
  • Get notifications when your card is scanned
  • View recognition data when scanning other cards
  • View your membership status in other Grand Lodges
  • View your status in appendant bodies (coming soon), and more!

Whether or not an Amity account is created, however, scanning the QR code on the back of your dues cards will still show your current membership status correctly.

Any person in the world , whether or not they use Amity, can scan the QR code on the back of a Grand Lodge of New York dues card to see the holder’s membership status, which will load in a web browser. A sample card, showing MWB Hiram Abiff’s membership status, can be seen HERE.

Pairing your dues card with the Amity app takes a few simple steps:

  • Scan the QR code on the back of your card
  • If your card shows as not activated, tap the link provided
  • At Amity’s Welcome Site, enter your email address to request a welcome message
    • If your email is not recognized, your Member Number and Secret Code will be required
  • Click the link in the welcome message to verify your email address
  • Complete the activation process

Important: if you already have an Amity account, your dues card may have been matched to your account. If it has not, you will have the option to do so during the activation process. You will also have the option to opt out of Amity, if you prefer.

For more detqailed instructions, click HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a charge?

No, there is no charge for the card or the apps, but you still pay your dues to the Lodge Secretary.

What if I am a member of more than one Lodge?

This time you will receive a card for each Lodge that you’re a member of. In the future, I don’t expect this to be the case.

What if our lodge secretary doesn’t use MORI?

Your Lodge can continue to send dues notices and use / or not use MORI as they do now. The Lodge Secretary will still need to send Grand Lodge Registry any address changes, NPDs and other status changes. He can do that the same way he does it now – by using MORI or sending it to GL Registry.

What if a Lodge Member hasn’t paid his dues yet for the year or may even be in arrears one year?

His status is dependent on what’s in the Grand Lodge Database. Until he’s NPD’d he is in Good Standing. In the future, we may change the MORI database to allow for whether the member has paid his current year’s dues.

What if I visit a Lodge that doesn’t have a PC, Laptop or Smartphone, or doesn’t have Wifi or the Internet?

In rare or unusual circumstances like this, where this may be a problem, I’d suggest bringing a letter from my Office or contacting the Lodge ahead of time and providing them with further information that they can verify. Down the road, we may have a 24-hour automated telephone call center (even here though, you’d at least have to have cell service).

Will other Grand Jurisdictions accept this type of Dues Card?

Yes. Many other Grand Jurisdictions use a Permanent Dues Card just like this one, without trouble. The Scottish Rite and the Shriners use similar cards as well.

What if I visit another Jurisdiction?

If you’re not vouched for by a member of the Lodge, what’s almost universally required is an exchange of letters by the Grand Secretaries. In fact, this is true of our own Grand Lodge as well (Section 506 of the Constitutions, and Masonic Laws 862 and 863.) Most Lodges and members both in this Grand Lodge and elsewhere don’t know this.

What can the Lodge Secretary do to encourage Lodge members to pay their dues, since the current annual mailing of cards may be what motivates some members to pay their dues on time?

This stumps me a little, but I’d suggest using some of that extra time to stay in contact with your members. Consider things like: a list of Birthday wishes in the meeting notices; calling members on health or other matters; sending reminders in the Monthly Meeting Notices or in Lodge mailings; planning programs that get the local members to attend Lodge; asking for wedding anniversary or other info when sending the dues notices; and, including a From the Secretary column in the monthly notice. These are things that we should be doing anyway.

What is in the mailing with the Permanent Dues card or Membership Card?

It will arrive just like a credit card and will have a letter from me with instructions on how to use the card and how to activate your Amity account.

What if I need help activating my Dues Card with the Amity application?

The Grand Secretary’s Office will help you. Give me a call. My phone numbers and contact information will be on the letter you’ll receive. We’ll walk you thru it, and if you can’t do it yourself, we’ll do it for you.

Why would the Grand Secretary’s Office walk you through it or perhaps do it for you?

We want this to succeed. We understand we have brothers that may not be able to do this. All we ask is that you try and if you need help, we’re here.

What do I need to do if I use this on my smartphone?

To use the Permanent Dues Card with your Smartphone, you should go to The App store on your phone and download one or both of the following apps: Our Lodge Page (OLP) and a QR Reader. Both apps can be found in The App store on your phone. There will be many QR Readers so choose one that’s Free. Mori’s Our Lodge Page (OLP) is Free too. After you download the OLP app, go to the Status Checker feature, enter the GL Number (the number only, not the A or the M) to look up and choose the Grand Lodge of New York. You will then see the Name and Status of that brother. Using the QR Reader is easier. Open the app and hold it over the QR Code and it will then provide you with information on the Brother whose card it is.

Where can I find more information on these applications?

The MORI Our Lodge Page (OLP) application can be found at:
The Amity (Copiri) application can be found at: