Dear Brethren,

First, I would like to extend my personal thanks and deep gratitude on behalf of all of our fellow brother Masons residing in Texas and Florida and their loved-ones who are the recipients of our fraternity’s helping hand and generous outpouring of Masonic Relief and Benevolence in the wake of these devastating storms. Likewise, our hearts also reach out to those brothers and their family members who are desperately trying to recover from the most recent hurricane that struck Puerto Rico. Donations to the Masonic Brotherhood Fund that are earmarked for Puerto Rico Disaster Relief will be given to the Grand Lodge of Puerto Rico.

It is times such as these that make me very proud to be a Mason from the Grand Lodge of the State of New York.

Several inquiries related to our Disaster Relief efforts have been received by the Office of the Grand Secretary, to which I would like to respond. The question has been asked, if an administrative fee is assessed against the donations that are earmarked for Disaster Relief. Absolutely not! Please rest assured my brothers, that all donations for Disaster Relief are delivered at full value to the Masonic Service Association of North America, who in-turn deliver every dime collected from every Grand Lodge to the adversely affected Grand Lodges without any administrative fees being applied. For example, if a Brother donates $100 to our Florida Disaster Relief effort, we transfer $100 to the MSA who delivers the full $100 to the Grand Lodge of Florida on behalf of our contributing Brother. Please bear in mind, that all charitable donations made for Disaster Relief through the Masonic Brotherhood Fund are 100% tax deductible in accordance with the law.

If you have not already given, please reach into your pocket today to help our neighboring brothers and their families start a new day knowing that we care. It is what we do as Masons… it is our Way of Life.

With kindest fraternal regards,

Jeffrey M. Williamson
Grand Master