There is no doubt that by the time you receive this, there will be numerous media updates regarding the COVID-19 Virus. All of you have questions. All of you have concerns. I am concerned as well, and I am reviewing our situations and issues as needed.

Does this affect Masonry? While it may affect some of our assembly’s, Masonry still continues. Common sense must prevail with Hand Washing, Cough/Sneeze in sleeve/tissue etc. We are all aware of the preventative measures each of us must take which will enhance our ability to work through this situation. I am in constant contact with those in your Grand Line who possess the expertise needed in this particular situation.

As of this communication, all Lodges are given the option of hand contact or no hand contact at our meetings. Initiation Hand Contact should be followed by Hand Sanitizing. “No Handshake” environments should be encouraged.

I realize some have a negative view of the hand sanitizers. I am told that when used in moderation such as I am suggesting it will be acceptable. I see some individuals pouring it on every chance they get.

The DD/SO Training at our Masonic Care Community is being reworked for offsite and/or remote connectivity. The entire Grand Line has been informed not to visit the MCC until further notice other than the DGM and GM. And even that will be curtailed. The Ribbon Cutting for the Horticultural Center will NOT take place since we are looking to curtail the introduction of external people at our MCC. It will still become operational on March 19, 2020 which is really the most important factor.

I know many had checks to present that day. They can still be sent to me at the address on this letter.

All concordant bodies and youth groups will be contacted to curtail their presence at the MCC until further notice.

As Grand Master I have a responsibility to each of you, your families and our fraternity. I am always accepting guidance and comments that can be of assistance.

Does Masonry Stop? Not at all. We just learn how to adjust and continue.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

William M. Sardone
Grand Master of Masons in the State of New York

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