Clinton Essex District


October 11, 2017


             I began my journey to Keeseville and traveled eastward along the I90 and then traveled north along route 9 and I87 where I was treated to the multi-colored display of fall foliage.  What a splendid view.   The Clinton Essex Grand Lecturer Convention began with a home cooked dinner by members of the host lodge.  Since my last visit Ausable 149 is benefitting from much hard work.  Membership and participation are on the upsweep and their involvement in the village could not be better.  The Lodge is the repository of the Town Clock.  


             The evening events began with a ritual update.  I informed all that the edict for certification to open and close lodge with only the elected and installed members of the lodge by memory was still in force.  I also explained that the focus on the additional proficiency in open lodge was still going to be a focus of this year’s work    


             The work of the evening was the opening and closing of a lodge in the Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft Degree.  Although none of the ritual is new, the Brothers that were presenting the ritual had some initial problems.  But once we began the work was much improved.  It was explained that part of the rationale dove tails nicely with the new North Star Project.  Brother proceeding through the lines will be encouraged to expand their depth and breadth of our ritual before being rapidly processed through the chairs.  This should help produce more informed Brethren and stronger lodges.


 Good luck on your “Haunted Temple.”