Pictured left to right – Jim LoPorto, Rich Friedman, Robert Olley

My Brothers it is a pleasure to tell you that our first annual Calvin G. Bond Award for Ritual Excellence has completed. A good crowd of Brothers came to Utica to support the event as well as the contestants. The two categories were Brothers with 10 or less years of Masonic experience and those Brothers with 10 years or more in the Fraternity.

Brother Jim LoPorto of Hoffman Lodge in the Orange Rockland Sullivan District took the prize in the 10 and under category. Brother Robert Olley of Bethany Lodge in the Jefferson Lewis District took the prize for the 10 and over group.

Even more amazing, thanks to our Grand Master, bless his heart, those two Brothers will be allowed to present one portion of their winning performance LIVE at Grand Lodge. For the first time that I can remember an actual ritual piece will be done at Grand Lodge. You will not want to miss this!

Thanks to all who participated and especially to my hard working AGLs without whom this could not have happened.

Gung HO!

Rich Friedman
Grand Lecturer

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