Best Practices for Social Media

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{Thanks to the Grand Lodges of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington. A downloadbale PDF version can be found HERE.}

The presence of New York Freemasons on various social networking sites is growing exponentially and it is drawing attention to the fraternity. By participating on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn (and others), we should strive to make that attention as positive as possible.

When we represent ourselves as members of the Fraternity, we become someone’s impression of Freemasonry. As such, it is important that we act accordingly and subscribe to the lessons we are all taught as Masons in terms of how we communicate and interact with Masons and non-Masons.Think Twice Before Posting Once

Your individual postings reflect on the entire Fraternity as well as you as an individual. Be mindful that your image online could be viewed by your colleagues and co-workers, future employers, as well as your Lodge Brothers and their families.

Best Practices for Social Media by New York Masons

  • Always remember that you are a Mason in the Lodge, in public, at home, and in your communications – both public and private.
  • Conduct your Social Media activities in a way that reflects your membership in the Craft. Always display courtesy towards others.
  • Act in a way that presents a positive image of your membership in Freemasonry to the world.
  • Your actions on the various Social Media outlets should reflect the highest standards of morality and integrity, as you would practice within the Lodge.
  • Assume that every email you send will be seen by people other than the intended recipient.
  • Regardless of the privacy settings you use, assume information posted to social media sites will not stay private.

Smart Phones in Lodge

Audio or video recordings of ritual work is never permitted, except with the written permission of the Grand Master.

Recordings of specific programs in tiled Lodge meetings (such as lectures) may be permitted with the expressed permission of the elected Worshipful Master of the Lodge.

Use of smart phones in lodge is both rude and distracting. They should be turned off or to vibrate.

Without permission of the Presiding Officer, texting is inappropriate.

There are times when consultation with a calendar, or reference of contact information are needed in the Lodge, and this policy does not inhibit those requirements.

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