My Brothers,

We celebrate the 4th of July in many ways. As we do so, let us always remember the veterans who gave all for us. As Masons, we are justly proud of our country.

This Independence Day is like no other. Celebrations are coupled with social distancing. Daily life now includes masks. And tension in the air penetrates our land.

We have been shut down for months, yet the resiliency of the American Spirit, the spirit that built our great country, is beginning to emerge with a new standard of safe practices. We as Masons observed our Government Guidelines, but still looked after each other while providing for those in need.

Fly our Flag proudly and celebrate America.

On behalf of myself, Nancy and Alyssa, our Deputy Grand Master RW Richard J. Kessler, and his wife Joanne, and the entire elected and appointed members of the Grand Line and their ladies, and all the District Deputies and Staff Officers and their ladies, let me wish all of you a safe summer season.

As always, let us implore the Great Architect of the Universe protect the members of our Armed Forces, and our brave Police, Firefighters, and other First Responders as they are protecting us, wherever in the country and around world they may be serving, and bring them back home to their families and friends healthy and safely.

Sincerely and Fraternally.


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